Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Just Can't See

Because I don’t have a camera.  Silly me.

You would think that getting a job where I was surrounded by creative types would have led me to be creative myself, but that was in fact not the case.  I suppose I fell into a level of comfort that has never been conducive to making things for me, and that caused me to overlook some really obvious solutions to some problems that have been knocking over my plans to make movies for a while now.

Namely, I may have access to some high quality resources, including a Panasonic AG-DVX100B.  A friend of mine goes to the New School.  She can borrow equipment.  Why didn’t I learn this until yesterday?

I should never have dropped out of college.  The lesson, as always, is that I’m an idiot.  Like Bill Simmons, but with no money, no fame, and no funny.  And, ironically, no college degree.

Hate to admit that my mom was right to keep bitching at me to finish college.  Actually, I hate to admit that my mom is right about anything, but that’s just part of our relationship.

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